Don Alex Restaurant Ceviche Jalea

Ceviche Jalea

Ceviche, fried seafood, Lion's milk

Don Alex has taken this dish to another level. We have created the best combination for you to enjoy. This dish includes Jalea; a mix of deep fried seafood which include calamari, fish, crab, squid, shrip, just to name a few. Along with these, we also include potatoes and yuca which go well under a very well made Salsa Criolla which is a mixture of onions, cilantro, lime and spices. That is not all, this dish also comes with Leche de Tigre or 'Tiger's Milk, which is made from lime and seafood and has a tendency to act as a strong afrodisiac. Lastly, we add our famous Ceviche to the mix. Do you dare to try it?

Ingredients: seafood, lime, garlic, onions, salt, pepper, don alex seasoning.

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